Coed Fall Sports Classes For Grades K-5th

Fall Semester
Sept 8th, 2022 - Jan 31st, 2023
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The Fall Schedule for BA Sports After School 

2022-2023 Semester

The fall semester of Big Apple Youth Sports at PS6 will begin on Thursday Sept 8th.


The Final class for the fall semester will be on Tues January 31, 2023. 


Big Apple Youth Sports runs 5 days a week. 


Families choose a class or classes they would like to register for and come on that given day(s) each week for the length of the semester.


Mondays: Coed Fast Paced Sports Class: Grades 2-5

First Class: 9/16/22; Last Class: 1/30/23: Sessions: 16

·    The sports covered will be Speedball, Pickleball, Basketball, European Handball, and Floor Hockey.

·    This class will cover a specific one of the listed sports for two weeks using creative drills, training, and in game situations. We will then run a 3 week tournament in that sport. We then move on to the next sport and repeat the process!

 ·    This class is perfect for a more competitive older student!

Tuesdays: Introduction to Coed Youth Sports: Grades K-2

First Class: 9/13/22; Last Class: 1/31/23: Sessions: 18

 The Tuesday class will cover Soccer, Cricket, Floor Hockey, Dodgeball and Kio Fastbreak.


The most popular class at Big Apple in recent years! This class will sell out!

·    This class was created for younger students and will focus on the basics of these sports. Emphasis will be placed on team work, basic skills, sportsmanship, game comprehension, and complete participation!


Wednesdays: All Girls Sports Tournament Class; Grades 2-5;

First Class: 9/14/22; Last Class: 1/25/23: Sessions: 18

·    The sports covered: Basketball, Dodgeball, Baseball, Field Hockey, European Handball, Kickball, and Speedball.

·    The focus of this class will be on basic skill development in a variety of fast paced sports for young female athletes.

·    Big Apple will run drills, games, and tournaments that will emphasize player development, sportsmanship, agility, eye-hand coordination and in game communication.  This class will sell out!

 Thursdays: Coed Youth Tennis and Strength/Motor Skill Development; Grades 1-5;

First Class 9/8/22; Last Class: 1/26/23: Sessions 19

·     The Tennis Program is divided into two sessions. One for grades 1st-2nd and the other for Grades 3rd-5th. 


·    For Grades 1-2 they will start after school in the gym with tennis instruction for 50 minutes. Then afterwards will join the cardio and strength portion of the class for the 2nd hour. The 2nd hour students will run drills, games, and small tournaments that emphasize player development. The class will dismiss at 5PM


·    For Grades 3-5, these students will start after school in the yard and participate in the cardio and strength portion of class. The kids will run games, drills, and small tournaments in BA favorites. During the second hour students will head to the gym for tennis instruction! 


The class will dismiss at 5PM for both age groups


·    This class will work on tennis skills including backhands, forehands, volleys, proper serving, and cardio via fun and creative instruction!


Fridays: Intramural Sports Coed Tournament; Grades 2-5

First Class: 9/9/22; Last Class: 1/27/23: Sessions: 18

·    One of the most popular after school programs offered at Big Apple Youth Sports. The class is a semester long sports tournament!

 ·    Classes are divided by age and skill level. Sports Played: Soccer, Floor Hockey, Dodgeball, Flag Football, Speedball and many more! Register early this class will sell out!

·    As the class progresses we will divide the class into teams and run a semester long tournament complete with trophies and MVP awards!

                                                                   Dismissal is via the PS6 Yard at 5PM.
                                      Extended Dismissal is via the PS6 Yard from 5 to 5:55PM