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Big Apple Youth Sports is the longest running program at PS6!  Having been the sports afterschool provider at the school for over 35 years!  BA prides itself on creative high-energy classes that incorporate both traditional and non-traditional sports to provide first class afterschool classes!

The Fall Semester will run from Sept 5 2024 - Jan 31st 2025.  Students come on the day or days of the week on which they are registered.  Registration for the fall begins June 4th at 7pm

PS6 Fall Class Schedule

Mondays: Flag Football, Basketball, and European Handball Class

Grades 2-5

Sept 9, 2024 - Jan 27, 2025



What to Expect: The BA Sports Monday Class will split its time between these 3 sports giving each sport about 4 weeks of instruction and scrimmaging before covering the next sport.  At the end of the semester there will be a tournament incorporating all three sports!


  • Via Practices, games, and class tournaments the class will split its time equally between the three sports making sure to cover thein game and necessary skills to be successful in each sport.


  • Skill sets covered include route running, passing, spacing, dribbling, defense, and shooting.


  • This class runs a multi sport tournament and is a great way to build teamwork, comradery, and athletic skill sets in multiple sports! Rules of play and sportsmanship play a big role in our class.


Mondays: Tennis Class/Strength and Motor Skill Development Class

Grades 1-3

Sept 9, 2024 - Jan 27, 2025


What to Expect: This younger student Tennis class for grades 1-3 is designed to teach our young students the fundamentals of Tennis via hands on practice and cardio!!


  • This introductory tennis class is designed for Grades 1-3!


  • From 3pm to 4:10 pm this classes focus is on the fundamentals of tennis and skills covered will include Tennis Safety, Forehands, Backhands, Foot Work, and Volleys!


  • Our main goal is to have the kids be able to rally and truly understand the game.


  • From 4:15PM to 4:50PM the class will work on cardio and footwork via scrimmages, races, and drills to emphasize endurance and quickness.



Introduction to Coed Youth Sports Class

Grades K-2

Sept 10, 2024 - Jan 28, 2025

 What to Expect: Designed for Grades K-2 this class is less focused on any one sport and is more a high energy class that develops balance, agility, hand eye coordination, motor skills and a love for movement and sports from an early age! 


Besides the physical these classes also concentrate on mindfulness of others, physical health, sharing, and communication between peers.


  • The Tuesday class is all action!


  • The most popular class at Big Apple in recent years!


  • This class is designed as an introduction to sports class for our youngest students (K-2).​

  • ·  This high energy class works to develop balance, agility, hand eye coordination, peer communication in sports, and helps to foster a love of sports and movement from an early age!


  • The kids will play only team games with BA coaches supporting the kids as they problem solve as a group and gain confidence in their communication and athletic skills!


  • Sports covered include: Soccer, Track/Field, Floor Hockey and more!



The Soccer League Class

Grades 3-5

Sept 10, 2024 - Jan 28, 2025


What To Expect: In this older student soccer class/league we will not only practice and improve our skills via drills and scrimmages, we will also run a full blown Soccer League complete with 4 teams and standings!!


  • This first portion of the class the coaches will drill the kids making sure they work on their dribbling, first touch, agility, passing, crossing of the ball, and striking.   Defense and in-game communication will also play a big role in what we teach.


  • The coaches will also ref scrimmages to watch how the kids play and compete.​


  • After 4 weeks of training and scrimmages the kids will be split into teams and run a full league in the PS6 yard!​


  • During league play the students will run cardio and a warm up drills with their teammates before competing in two games each week! Besides skill improvement BA will urge our kids to actively communicate, to work and team build for a successful season!​


  • We will keep track of assist and scoring leaders and even provide an MVP award!!



All Girls Sports Tournament Class

Grades 2-5

Sept 11, 2024 - Jan 29, 2025

What to Expect: A popular BA class for over a decade BA’s All Girls Sports Class run drills, games, and scrimmages that will emphasize player development, sportsmanship, agility, eye-hand coordination and in game communication. The class will run multi week tournaments in each sport that we cover.

  • The sports covered in this class are: Softball, Soccer, European Handball, Dodgeball, and Field Hockey. 


  • Each sport will be covered extensively.​


  • After practicing for a good amount of the semester the class will be broken into teams and we will run a multi week tournament in all the sports we covered throughout the semester!​


  • Students can win special awards and there’s even an MVP!​


  • This class though competitive will also work to teach our students how to positively interact with teammates, during games, and will emphasize good sportsmanship, and team problem solving! 


  • These skills will benefit the girls long after the class has ended.​


  • Female Staff will assist in the teaching of this class.


The Basketball Skill Development Class

Grades 3-5

(Basketball runs from 2:45pm to 4pm/ HW and board games from 4pm to 5pm)

Sept 11, 2024 - Jan 29, 2025


What to Expect: Announcing our groundbreaking BA Basketball Skill Enhancement class! Tailored exclusively for budding basketball enthusiasts, this intensive program is a game-changer in skill development. Picture a focused curriculum dedicated solely to basketball, refining everything from ambidextrous dribbling prowess to strategic passing, defensive tactics, cardiovascular conditioning, and precision shooting across various distances.


  • Prepare for a serious commitment to skill refinement—this class prioritizes honing abilities over game time. This class is for students passionate about Basketball-  This is not an introductory course but a skill enhancement class designed for younger students.


  • While there'll be simulated game scenarios and practice scrimmages, the core focus remains on elevating basketball skills and deepening tactical understanding.


  • Brace yourself for skill-specific homework too, requiring 10 to 15 minutes of dedicated practice 4 to 5 days a week. Repetition is key; sustained practice post-class is the pathway to noticeable enhancement. This class will prepare players for travel basketball.


  • Our coed class caps at 10 students, catering to grades 3-5 with a fervor for basketball advancement. Utilizing our school gym and yard, this program runs from 2:45pm until 4 PM every Wednesday. We've opted for a condensed timeframe—ensuring engagement and preventing monotony that can arise from prolonged drill sessions.


  • From 4 to 5pm homework assistance and board games. Pick up anytime between 5 and 5:45pm.


  •  Take charge of your basketball journey with the BA Basketball Skill Enhancement!



The Introduction to Coed Youth Sports Class

Grades K-2

Sept 5, 2024 - Jan 30, 2025

What to Expect: A very popular class similar to the high energy -Tuesday class, the Thursday K-2 class is focused on the same messages of Teamwork, Sportsmanship, Basic Skill Development, Fair Play, Spacing, Working as a team Agility, Competing Fairly, and Complete Participation!

  • Thursdays will spend more time on developmental games and drills and sports like Soccer, Basketball, Polo, Baseball/Kickball and Track. ​


  • This class is an opportunity for the kids to work together as well as a chance for them to problem solve, work as a group, and to build confidence in their skills via drills, races, scrimmages that are always changing and always moving!


  • The goal is to enhance cardio, hand eye coordination, and confidence in the students physical and social abilities.


**NEW**Thursdays: The HW Help and Jeopardy Quiz Show Class with

Ms. D'Amico

Grades 2-5

Sept 5, 2024 - Jan 30, 2025


What to Expect: A new class that is a mix of both study hall/homework help and team trivia and thinking games!

  • The class will go outside to play different sports activities for the first 30 mins of class to relieve restlessness before beginning the study portion of class.

  • For the first hour students will go over their homework in detail with our on staff teachers to make sure our kids are excelling in the class room!

  • At 4PM the class transforms into a trivia competition complete with team shirts, buzzers, jeopardy style questions and weekly competitions in categories like English, history, math, and science!

  • The class will take place in the Library or a classroom depending on availability


Intramural Sports Coed Tournament Class

Grades 2-5

Sept 6, 2024 - Jan 31, 2025

What to Expect: One of the most popular and longest running after-school class offered at PS6. Big Apple has run this tournament for over 20 years!​  The class is a semester-long sports tournament! Friday is the most competitive class at Big Apple and covers all the sports BA offer! Think color war!


  • For those new to these sports or this class, the first few weeks of the semester we will practice and scrimmage in all these games so our students are well verse in all sports covered prior to starting the Friday Tournament.​


  • The Class is evenly divided into teams and compete in variety of sports for points- which we track throughout the course of the semester. 


  • Teamwork is paramount to success in a class like this! Teams must construct lines, communicate on what to play, and how to strategize for team success! All throughout the course of a fun semester!​


  • Sports Played: Soccer, Floor Hockey, Dodgeball, Double Action, Kickball, Flag Football, European Handball, Running Bases, Speedball, and many more!​


  • At the end of the tournament we award trophies and even have special awards like MVP and Blue Demon!! These awards do not only highlight athletic achievement but also leadership and teambuilding qualities!​


  • This class uses the Gym, Yard, and Cafeteria for class


  • Register early this class will sell out!

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