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Coed Spring Sports Classes For Grades K-5 at MNS
Classes Mon-Fri afternoons at MNS!!

The Spring Semester runs from Feb 1, 2023 -June 23, 2023
Registration for BA at MNS begins on December 14, 2022 at 7PM
Register Here


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MNS Spring 2023 Semester

All Classes held on-site at MNS

In accordance with the CDC and NYC Student no longer need to be vaccinated to attend BA classes

 The Spring Semester of the BA Sports program at MNS will run from Mon- Fri

Feb 1 - June 23rd, 2023

Classes run from 2:45PM to 5PM. All classes take place at MNS in the yard and gym/cafeteria.

Students choose to register for a day(s) of the week for the length of the semester.


Big Apple Youth Sports Spring Information ‘23


The Mon Coed Sports Class- Basketball, European Handball, Speedball, and Kio. 

Grades K-5; First Class: 2/6/23-Last Class: 6/12/23: Sessions: 16 

In this instructional sports class students will run drills, scrimmages, and in-game situations that  are sure to make our players better athletes. 

Drills on ball control, balance, agility, lateral movement will be points of emphasis in this class! 

Scrimmages, practice games, and a tournament are all apart of this fast paced sports class!!

Students will only compete against kids of a similar age. 


The Coed Instructional Tennis/Soccer/Basketball/Dodgeball/European Handball Class Grades 1-5; First Class: 2/7/23- Last Class: 6/20/23: Sessions: 18 

This coed class will be the first tennis class taught at MNS!!! This fast-paced class that will work  on lateral movement as well as forehands, backhands, volleys, and general knowledge of the  game. 

The program will provide all tennis equipment necessary including nets and racquets for all  students! 

Though tennis will be the main sport taught on Tues the class will also practice and play Basketball and European Handball as well as on occasion other sports. 

BA will break the class in two with a group for Grades 1 and 2 and another group for grades 3-5.


When one group is honing their tennis skills the other will be working on agility, endurance, and  running scrimmages in the other games we offer on Tuesdays. Then at the midway point of class the two groups will switch! 

Space is limited in this class to 24 students' total. Twelve from grades 1-2 and twelve students  from grades 3-5. 

Because of the limited space, if the class sells out, email the BA office at to be added to the waitlist.


The Coed Tons of Sports Class- Soccer, Kio, European Handball, Dodgeball, Ultimate, Floor Hockey and many more sports!! 

Grades K-5

First Class: 2/1/23- Last Class: 6/21/23:  Sessions: 19 

This unique coed high energy class will play a large variety of world sports and BA designed sports! 

BA sports will train the kids in the skills needed for success in these sports as well as highlight  strategy and fitness! 

All games are fast paced and will concentrate on running, striking, catching, and in game  communication! 

Students will only compete against kids of a similar age. 



The Coed Fast-Paced Sports Class- Dodgeball, Speedball, Catch Me If You  Can, and Floor Hockey

Grades K-5; First Class: 2/2/23- Last Class: 6/22/23:  Sessions: 16 

The focus of this class will be on basic skill development in a variety of fast-paced sports for  young athletes. This class will highlight our fastest moving games and is designed for a student  always on the go! 

Big Apple will run drills, games, and tournaments to emphasize player development,  sportsmanship, agility, eye-hand coordination, puck handling, shooting, catching, and in-game  communication.

The sports covered: Dodgeball, European Handball, Catch Me If You Can, Speedball, and Floor  Hockey.  

Students will only compete against kids of a similar age.


Coed Tournament Class: Soccer, Euro Handball, Speedball, Dodgeball and Many More! Grades 2nd-5th; First-class 2/3/23- Last Class 6/23/23: Sessions 16 

The Friday Tournament class is composed of our most complex sports where strategy and hand eye coordination are emphasized. This class will cover every sport that Big Apple offers! From  Soccer to Dodgeball or Kio to Cricket in this class we will introduce our students to a wide range  of fun and high energy sports. 

For the first few weeks of class we will be running scrimmages and an introduction to each sport we cover. We will then split the class in two and run a semester long tournament complete with  trophies and MVP awards!! 

All Sports covered rely heavily on team play.  

The Friday class will scrimmage and compete more than our other classes and is less  instructional by design. 

Students will only compete against kids of a similar age, size, and skill level, with the class sometimes  split between an older student group and a younger student group.

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