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Big Apple Youth Sports is a concept on youth athletics  that emphasizes not only the physical but also the mental and social aspects of sports.  

Our classes are designed to highlight communication, spacing, sharing, and situational concepts that appear in sports. 


Our kids problem solve, communicate, motivate, and organize all while playing high energy sports with friends!

  Our Story

Big Apple emerges from the visionary mind of its designer and head director, Luis "Louie" Henriquez, a seasoned physical education teacher with over 40 years of experience coaching at elementary, middle school, and high school levels across New York City.


Recognizing a gap in sports education, Luis conceived a unique approach that not only imparts sports knowledge but also fosters communication and teamwork among children, utilizing sports as a catalyst for interaction. Sports serve as the driving force for collaborative skill development.

This foundational concept continues to shape Big Apple, where classes prioritize active participation and social engagement. Students concurrently refine their physical and interpersonal skills within a secure and positive instructional environment.

For more than 35 years, Big Apple has been the exclusive sports after-school provider at PS6, earning a reputation for delivering dynamic and high-quality sports instruction. Expanding its footprint, Big Apple now extends its innovative teaching methodology to other Upper East Side elementary schools, including YCS and MNS.

At YCS, Big Apple has been the sole sports provider for the past decade, while at MNS, the program has successfully run sports after-school initiatives for the last three years.

Big Apple invites students to experience its creative and energetic sports classes, anticipating the positive impact on their physical and social development.


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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