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Coed Spring Sports Classes For Grades K-5 at YCS
Spring Semester
Feb 1, 2023- June 15, 2023

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The Spring Semester of Big Apple Youth Sports '23


The Spring semester will run from

Feb 1, 2023 - June 15th, 2023.

Classes held 4 days a week at YCS!



Mondays: BA Sports Coed Game Day. Grades K-3. Dates: 2/6/23-6/12/23 (16 Classes)

  • This new more relaxed sports class for grades K-3 and is a more introductory sports class.  This class is less competitive and is a great way to introduce students to a large variety of sports! 


  • The class will spend half of the day practicing/playing fast paced sports such as Soccer, Dodgeball, Floor Hockey, Koala Baseball, European Handball and many more!! Students will only be playing against kids within their age group.


  • This class is designed to be less competitive than some of our other classes and will be a fun light hearted class introduction to many of the sports we offer.


  • This class will take place in the yard, gym, and cafeteria at YCS. The class is designed to be more social and is less competitive than our other classes.


**NEW**BA Sports Tuesdays (Grades 1-5): Tennis, Dodgeball, Soccer, and European Handball Class. Dates: 2/7/23-6/13/23 (17 Classes)

  •  This fast-paced class that will work  on lateral movement as well as forehands, backhands, volleys, and general knowledge of the  game. ​

  • The program will provide all tennis equipment necessary including nets and racquets for all  students! 

  • BA will break the class in two with a group for Grades 1 and 2 and another group for grades 3-5.

  • When one group is honing their tennis skills the other will be working on agility, endurance, and  running scrimmages in the other games we offer on Tuesdays. Then at the midway point of class the two groups will switch! 

  • Tennis will be a core sport on Tues BUT the class will also practice and play Soccer, Dodgeball, and European Handball as well as on occasion other sports. 

  • Space is limited in this class to 24 students' total. Twelve from grades 1-2 and twelve students  from grades 3-5. ​

  • Because of the limited space, if the class sells out, email the BA office at to be added to the waitlist.


BA Sports Wednesdays (Grades K-5): Basketball, Baseball, Floor Hockey, and Dodgeball Grades K-5. Dates: 2/1/23-6/14/23 (18 classes)


  • This coed class will focus on the basics of Basketball, Baseball, and Floor Hockey. Basic skills covered in detail include basic rules of the games, defense, ball control, passing, shooting, throwing, and puck handling.

  • ·BA will also play other sports including Koala Baseball and Catch Me if You Can during the semester.

  • This is the 2nd most popular class offered by BA at YCS. 



BA Sports Thursdays (Grades 1-5): Intramural Sports Tournament Class Grades 1-5. Dates: 2/2/23-6/15/23 (16 classes)


  •  The most popular class offered by Big Apple at YCS! This class is very high energy and is designed for more competitive students.

  • ·  This coed class will play all the sports offered by BA including traditional sports like soccer and hockey to popular BA designed sports like Koala Baseball, European Handball, Running Bases and Kio Fastbreak!


  • ·  The beginning of the semester will be more instructional but as the class progresses we will divide the class into two teams and run a semester-long tournament complete with trophies and MVP awards! THIS CLASS WILL SELL OUT!! 


  • Please be aware all BA classes will also on occasion play other sports than those listed for the class on that day.



Dismissal is via the YCS Main Entrance at 5PM.


Extended Dismissal is via the YCS Main Entrance with pickup anytime between 5 and 5:45PM

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